David vs Goliath

Throwing stones at Goliath this will take you higher/ 

Blazin' fire! Real Graffwriters!/ 

Reclaim the streets feel the pain of the heat/ 

Molotovcocktailsrain on the piggs/ 


Complain on the beast that makes the children weep/ 

Babylon system will be defeated/ 

With realness of feelings from the poor and weakest/ 

We will be strong bomb your shit/ 


With spraycansey man Babylon works for Satan/ 

My words are weapons disturbed as hell man/ 

Curse your statement this world is raped and/ 

I prefer to shake hands lets unite and wake them/ 


But we will never back down gonna pull up the people/ 

Trying to retch you there lies is deceiving so reclaim the streets yo!/ 

Let anarchy free you from plastic theater/ 

Will never bow down for the leaders we hate them!  

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